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4k gaming Nepal Biography -Facts, Family, Income, and Lifestyle

Pawan Jung Shahi, popularly known as 4k Gaming Nepal, “Putin Don” is a popular Nepalese gaming streamer. His funny and humorous character is loved by the audience which made him so popular among the Nepali gaming audience. The journey wasn’t that easy for him. His consistent hard work and patience have paved the way for success where he is today. This article explains, 4k Gaming Nepal Biography with his struggle period, source of income, and lifestyle.

Facts About 4k Gaming Nepal

  • First gaming streamer from Nepal to get a silver play button,
  • First gaming streamer from Nepal to get super chat,
  • Owner of the highest YouTube Gaming Subscribers from Nepal.

4k Gaming Nepal biography (In short)

Real NamePawan Jung Shahi Thakuri
Date Of Birth14 June, 1994
Current AddressSurkhet, Nepal
Relationship StatusMarried

Childhood and Education

4k Gaming Nepal was born on 31st March 1994 in Surkhet, Nepal. He spent most of his childhood in his hometown. He had his younger brother but the unsodden suicide death of his brother made him the only son of his family. The family financial background of his family was not quite at that time. As per different sources, he has completed +2 level education and after that, he left the education career.


4k Gaming Nepal AKA Pawan Jung Shah Thakuri is the only child in his family after his younger brother’s death. His family consists of his father, mother, and his beloved wife Laxmi Shahi Jung Thakuri. Recently, he became a father after his wife gave birth to her first daughter.

Gaming Career

He started his YouTube journey forming Math Nepal YouTube Channel as an alternative, working in Korea. He used to regularly upload the Math tutorial videos. However, due to a lack of study materials, it was very hard for him to invest more in his channel. He also used to watch the live streams of other YouTubers. He left his job for live streaming. Back then, there were very little no. of gaming creators but no one used to stream PUBG Mobile. He came back to Nepal after spending five years in Korea and built a PUBG live-streaming setup in his room. Since then, he has been playing and streaming different games along with PUBG mobile.


4k Gaming Nepal’s major source of income is revenue generated from YouTube streaming, super chats, membership, donations, and sponsorship. He is a popular and successful YouTuber having more than 800k subscribers. He is a full-time YouTube streamer.

4k Gaming Nepal is the first Nepali YouTube channel to get super chat. The early days, after coming back to Nepal were not that easy. Success doesn’t come overnight, it needs a lot of hard work and patience. The journey from none to more than 800k 4k family is such a phenomenal and inspirational story.


Pawan Jung Thakuri, known as 4K Gaming Nepal, has found his place in the gaming world and has become a guiding light for gamers in Nepal. With his PUBG Player ID 556134011 and a strong dedication to doing well, Pawan makes gaming more exciting for his fans. Looking into the future, it’s obvious that 4K Gaming Nepal’s journey is still going strong, and Pawan is set to reach even bigger successes in the gaming world.

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