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Best Nepali Clan Names for PUBG 2021 – List of Unique Names

Are you looking for the best Nepali Clan Names for PUBG Mobile ? You are in the right place. We have come up with the list of unique and cool PUBG Mobile clan names specially for Nepali PUBG Mobile Clans.

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PUBG Mobile is the most popular multiplayer battle royal game for mobile platforms. It is based on war, discovery, warfare, and exploration. PUBG can be played alone, as two friends, or as a team of four players. The purpose of the game is to survive and kill others. In the game, a hundred players land on the island by parachute and use weapons and equipment to kill others and try to save themselves from death as much as possible.

Talking about the PUBG clan, PUBG Mobile has given a feature to create a Clan consisting of a maximum of fifty players. It is like a group created by PUBG users and they can participate in different in-game challenges to get rewards. A player can invite or request to join the clan and can not be a member of more than one clan.

In Nepal, there are some popular clans like ElementriX, DRS gaming, Abrupt Slayers, CNE Esports, DeadEyes Guys, and so on. These clan names look unique and cool. Similarly, we have listed the top best clan names for PUBG for you.

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Best Nepali Clan Names for PUBG 2021

  1. Gorkhali Army
  2. NEP Shooter
  3. Kathmandu United
  4. Gurkhali Shooters
  5. KTM Soldiers
  6. Silent Army
  7. Biplob
  8. Royal Soldiers
  9. Bagmati Esports
  10. Nep Special Force
  11. Gurkhali Hunters
  12. Nepstars esports

From the names above, you can choose any one of them and create a clan. If anyone has been used already then you can add some symbols to it. If none of them works, you can always find online name generator tools to stand out away from the croud.

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