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Cr7 Horaa Biography, Age, Net Worth, Income

Cr7 Horaa biography, Sanjan Gautam, also known as Cr7 Horaa, is a rising YouTube streamer and PUBG Mobile gamer. Within a few months of starting his streaming career, he became a popular streamer among viewers due to his comic gameplay and live chats. Cr7 Horaa’s biography includes his age, income, education, gaming experience, and social profiles.

Real NameSanjan Gautam
Date of Birth2 December, 1998
Current AddressKathmandu, Nepal
Relationship StatusSingle
Cr7 Horaa Short Introduction


He received a decent education in his early years. He used to be the top student in the school up until the secondary level. But later due to various reasons, his studies started to deteriorate. Since he was young, he had a lot of friends, which distracted him from his studies. He was unable to finish his studies as a result. From this point on, he discontinued his academic career.

He left school after receiving a +2 degree and was looking for an alternative way to make a career after +2. Then he decided to travel to Japan to start a career, but he was unsuccessful. Furthermore, he also failed additional exams and interviews for processing abroad.

Cr7 Horaa YouTube Journey

He joined YouTube on September 11, 2019, but started streaming on March 7, 2021, and he reached 100,000 subscribers in just four months. During his live stream, he used to play PUBG Mobile. He became popular as a result of his in-game comics and live talks. Currently, he has more than 350k subscribers. When discussing his YouTube journey, we should mention the names of his fellow teammates MamaSekri HoraaSadeyBishey, and Limbey, who joined him in entertaining thousands of viewers and subscribers.

CR7 Horaa Income

In addition to his YouTube earnings, he makes money from sponsors, product promotions, branding, super chats, and PUBG Mobile Officials tournament broadcasts. In addition, he has his own Facebook page with over 20k likes and 35k+ followers. However, YouTube is his primary source of income.

Marital Status

There is currently no information available about his love life or relationships. We have not been able to discover anything about his romantic relationships. However, if we discover any new information in the future, we will undoubtedly update this article.

Social Works

Cr7 Horaa is actively involved in social work such as donating to the needy. He has previously made several donations. He also raises funds through livestreaming and transparently transfers the funds to the people.

Social Profiles





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