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Gadgetbyte Nepal Championship – Registration, Price Pool

Announcing a huge prize of NPR 1.2 million, Gadgetbyte presents the PUBG Mobile event called Gadgetbyte Nepal Championship, the biggest gaming competition in Nepal’s history! Their event is changing how we play games, bringing players together for an amazing showdown. Keep an eye out for updates on the thrilling matches ahead as they start this gaming journey like never before!

Registration For Gadgetbyte Nepal Championship

registration image with date
  1. Open the IME Pay app by clicking on this link:
  2. Navigate to the services tab and select “Others.”
  3. Choose “Gadgetbyte Nepal Championship.” Take note that there are distinct options for both “Team” and “Player” registration.
  4. Double-check and ensure that all the necessary details are accurately entered.
  5. Once everything is confirmed, you’re all set to enjoy the gaming experience!

Video Reference for Registration: Gagdetbyte Nepal Championship Registration

Registration Date: 2024-01-17 to 2024-01-26

Gadgetbyte Nepal Sponsors

gadgetbyte sponsors

Gadgetbyte Nepal is excited to have Xiaomi Nepal as the official smartphone partner, IME pay as the wallet partner, Ultima Lifestyle as the accessories partner, and Fantech Nepal as the gaming partner for the upcoming event. These sponsors bring innovation, secure transactions, quality accessories, and an exciting gaming experience to the event, making it a tech enthusiast’s dream.

Live Stream

live stream

Catch all the action live! Join live stream to watch exciting moments and discussions from anywhere. Just click the link and be part of the event on your screen. YouTube, Facebook

Social Links

social links

Follow on YouTube: GadgetByte Nepali, Facebook: Gadgetbyte, and Instagram: gadgetbyte for the latest updates, exclusive content, and a vibrant community experience!

We will add more updates about this match in future so stay connected with us. ThankYou!

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