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Horaa Esports – An Emerging PUBG Mobile Team From Nepal

Horaa Esports is a professional PUBG Mobile team from Nepal. The team founded itself in 2020 and has since then become a formidable force in the South Asian PUBG Mobile scene. With a vision to establish dominance in the competitive PUBG Mobile arena, the team has made significant advances since its inception. Comprising talented players from Nepal, the team quickly gained recognition for their exceptional skills, teamwork, and unwavering determination.

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S NoPlayers NameRoles
1MafiaNinja (Ugyen Tshopel Lama)In Game Leader
2NoFear (Suraj Lama)Entry Fragger
3Malik (Malik Karki)Support
4Sky (Aakash Sotang Rai)Assaulter
Horaa esports players name and roles

Horaa Esports Achievements

They has achieved extraordinary success, securing 1st place in the DRS Showdown 2023 with a $1,723.15 prize pool, dominating the Nepal European Match with an impressive 164 total points, and attaining 2nd position in PMCO South Asia 2023 with a significant $3,500 prize. These accomplishments highlight the team’s commitment to excellence and strategic gameplay. Scroll down for more details.

DRS Showdown 2023 Champion

DRS showdown champion 2023 horaa esports
RankTeamDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Total Points
1stHoraa Esports62527353240

Horaa Esports achieved remarkable success by securing 1st place in the DRS Showdown 2023, earning a substantial $1,723.15 prize. Winning the match with a total of 240 points showcases their exceptional skill and strategy, solidifying their dominance in the esports tournament. This victory not only highlights their outstanding performance but also underscores their consistent excellence, making victory in the DRS Showdown 2023 truly impressive.

Nepal European League 2023 Champion

RankMatchesWWCDPlace PtsEliminationTotal

The team excelled in the Nepal European League 2023, winning 3 chicken dinners out of 15 matches and amassing a total of 164 points. These victories not only highlighted their skill but also positioned them as strong contenders among Nepal’s PUBG teams.

PMCO South Asia 2023 Horaa Esports

PMCO SA horaa esports
RankTeamTotal PointsTotal price
2ndHoraa Esports115$3,500

In the intense competition of PMCO South Asia 2023, Horaa Esports showcased their best skills and determination, securing an impressive 2nd position with a total of 115 points and a substantial prize of $3,500. The team aimed for the championship, giving their all in every match. Unfortunately, Team Agonxi8 Esports claimed the 1st position with a mere 121 points, narrowly surpassing Horaa Esports. Despite the close call, it proved their capability, demonstrating top-tier gameplay and leaving an indelible mark on the PMCO South Asia 2023 stage.

Horaa Esports Players Line Up

1. MafiaNinjaHoraa (Ugyen Tshopel Lama)

Introducing Mafia Ninja, also known as Ugyen Tshopel Lama, a prominent player from team. Catch him in PUBG Mobile competitions under the username MafiaNinja on YouTube, and follow his gaming journey on Instagram @mafianinjayt_

2. NoFearHoraa (Suraj Lama)

Meet No Fear, also recognized as Ugyen Tshopel Lama, is a standout player for the team. Watch his thrilling performances in PUBG Mobile competitions under the YouTube username NoFear PUBG, and stay connected with his gaming adventures on Instagram @_nofear7.

3. MalikHoraa (Malik Karki)

Introducing Malik, also known as Malik Karki, a distinguished player proudly associated with Horaa Esports. Witness his exciting gameplay in PUBG Mobile competitions under the YouTube username MalikkkPubgM, and keep up with his gaming exploits on Instagram @malik_karkii.

4. SkyHoraa (Aakash Sotang Rai)

Meet Sky Hora also known as Aakash Sotang Rai. You can catch Sky Hora showcasing impressive skills in PUBG Mobile competitions on YouTube under the username SkyHORAA. Stay tuned and follow the excitement of Sky Hora’s gaming journey on Instagram @skyhoraa.

5. MrBoroHoraa

Introducing MrBoro, a dynamic player making waves in the e-sports scene as a key member of the team. Experience MrBoro’s skilled gameplay in PUBG Mobile competitions on YouTube, where he uses the username MrBORO. Stay connected with his gaming adventures and updates on Instagram @mrboro_.

Horaa Esports Owner


Meet CR7 Horaa, a PUBG player, and YouTube streamer with 500K+ subscribers. Owner of Horaa Esports. Find him on YouTube as Cr7 HORAA, Instagram @cr7horaaaa.

Social Links of Horaa Esports

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