How To Enable Quick Scope in PUBG Mobile?

Hello all, in this PUBG Mobile tips and tricks series, we will talk about how to enable quick scope in PUBG mobile. Quick Scope is a feature that enables players to immediately change the scope with one click. For example. if you have red dot, 3x scope, 6x scope in your bag, you can switch the scopes in just one click. This feature is turned off by default. So players have to turn on it manually.

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If you are professional PUBG Mobile player or a rank pusher then you must have this feature to quickly change between the scopes. This feature can be life saver for you, if you utilize it properly.

Here are the steps below you should follow on:

Time needed: 1 minute.

  1. Launch the game and it will take you to the Lobby Screen.

    how to enable quick scope in pubg mobile

  2. Click on the bottom right button as shown in the picture below.

    how to enable quick scope in pubg mobile

  3. Then the list appears and click the SETTINGS option.

    quick scope in pubg mobile

  4. Then go to the Scope option and click it.

    quickscope in pubg mobile

  5. Then there appears and Quick Scope Switch section and enable it as shown in figure below.

  6. Then go to any classic or arena or TDM matches and you can see the Circled button as shown in the picture below

    pubg mobile nepal

  7. Click the button and you can easily switch the scopes in one tap.

    quick scope in pubg mobile

By following the step by step method mentioned above, you can enable quick scope feature in PUBG Mobile easily.

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