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How to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile in Nepal [100% Working]

When you try to kill an enemy but at the same time your ping is high then you get very frustrated. The slight fluctuations of ping in PUBG also have a big impact on the game. If you play tournaments then the issue of high ping is a very big problem. If you are in this situation, don’t worry. Today in this article, I will tell you how to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile in Nepal.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royal mobile game that is very popular right now. In this game, a maximum of 100 players will land on the battlefield from the plane and the player who manages to survive till the end will be the winner. After getting off the plane, you have to pick up the gun and other items you need and kill the player of the opposing team. You can play this game with solo, duo, and squad. This online battle royal game is developed by PUBG corporation. The game became very popular shortly after its release that it took the mobile gaming industry to a new height. Now this game is not only a game but also a career for many young people around the world.

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What is ping in PUBG Mobile

First of all, it is important to understand what actually the ping is in PUBG Mobile. Ping is the total time it takes to transfer data from your mobile phone to PUBG mobile’s server and vice versa. Ping is calculated in milliseconds. Suppose, If you are seeing 200 ms ping on your PUBG mobile, it means that the data transfer from your phone to PUBG Mobile’s server and vice versa takes 200 milliseconds.

Factor affecting ping in PUBG Mobile

  • First of all, it depends on your internet connection speed. If you use low bandwidth internet then your ping will fluctuate heavily on your mobile.
  • Ping also depends on the physical distance between you and the PUBG Mobile server you have connected. Higher the distance causes higher ping in your mobile phone. But unfortunately, there is no dedicated PUBG Mobile server for Nepal.
  • It also depends on what type of connection you are using. A wired connection is better in comparison to a wireless connection.

How to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile in Nepal

If you have understood the factors affecting ping in PUBGM, then let’s move on to addressing each of them.

  1. Use high bandwidth internet
    • Many people’s ping issue is solved by using high bandwidth internet connection. If you get a ping issue event you are using high bandwidth internet, then you can check out the number of users connected to your wifi. if you are a WorldLink user, you can directly use their worldlink app to see connected devices in your wifi otherwise you can do so by accessing the router setting page.
  2. Try changing the PUBG server
    • If you see a high ping on a connected PUBG server, you can switch to another server By default, the server you are currently connecting to may be Asia. But, if you change the server once, you can not change it again within 60 days. You can read this article to know how change server in PUBG Mobile.
  3. Using VPN
    • If you do not want to change the PUBG server, you can use VPN. VPN also helps you to change the server but it masks your location faking your original location. Ping is also somewhat better when the country where the PUBG mobile server is located is run on vpn. When you put India location in vpn and connect to Indian server, you have change to get lower ping. You can use free vpn like Express VPN, power VPN etc.
  4. Using wired connection
    • It is fact that wired connection is faster than wireless connection. There is somewhat lesser loss in data transfer speed in wired connection than wireless connection. Therefore, you can connect your mobile using wired connection while playing game. I have personally tried this trick and it worked like charm. For connecting your phone using wired connection, you need to devices. OTG cable and Ethernet to USB connector. It does not cost high. You can get these two device within around Rs 500 to 600 Rupees. By using this devices you can directly connect your phone with your router.

These are the best way to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile. You can try all of these method one by one, if none of the solution works, you can comment down below in the comment section.

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