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Indu Malla Gaming (@endu20) Biography – Real Name, Age, Relationship, Earning

Indu Malla popularly known as Indu Malla Gaming is the top female PUBG Mobile streamer and professional player from Nepal. She is also the first and only official female PUBG Mobile caster in Nepal. The craze of girls is not seen in online games and youtube streaming in Nepal. But, Indu Malla can be an inspiring person for many girls who want to make their careers in gaming. In today’s article, you can find out about Indu Malla biography as well as information about her age, childhood, education, family, and income. We had earlier posted a biography of Mr.Hyozu which you loved very much. You can read that post from here.

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Indu Malla Biography

Indu Malla first started her gaming career on YouTube. Before that, she used to play PUBG Mobile with her friends only for fun. One day her friends came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a YouTube channel. And then immediately, she opened her YouTube channel. Although she was not a pro player at the time, she was liked by many viewers because of her entertaining gameplay. Nowadays, there may be no one from Nepali Gaming Community who does not know about her. The reason for her success is the result of her hard work and the support of her family.

indu malla biography

Facts About Indu Malla Gaming

  • Indu Malla is the first female official PUBG Mobile Caster from Nepal,
  • She is also the first female PUBGM Streamer in YouTube to reach 70,000+ Subscribers from Nepal,
  • She is also a professional PUBGM player from Nepal’s one of the popular clans.
Real NameIndu Malla Thakuri
In-Game NameIndu Malla Gaming
AddressSwyambhu, Kathmandu
professioncasting, streaming
Relationship StatusSingle
Indu malla gaming biography

Childhood and Education

She was a very tough-tempered, bold, and confident type of girl at her young age. She was a good student among her friends in her studies in schooling time. Most of the time she used to be in 1st and 2nd position in her classroom. But after +2, her studies were not the same as before. She had a lot of interest in modeling and air hosting so she didn’t pay much attention to her studies. But she has completed her studies up to Bachelor’s Degree.

Indu Malla Family

In Indu Malla’s family, she has a brother, a sister, a father, and a mother. She has altogether five members in her family including her and she is the eldest child of her family.

Gaming Career

In the past, she used to play Clash Of Clans(COC), but she has started playing PUBGM to entertain during the Corona Pandemic. Her plan to go abroad was postponed due to lockdown. But that misfortune turns out to be a turning point in her life. She started playing PUBGM from season 5. She used to have a lot of fun playing games. Her teammates loved her funny gameplay and suggested going live on YouTube. And then she started her streaming career with her iPhone XR phone.

Casting Career

Indu started holding tournaments on her YouTube Channel to promote RP giveaways. She used to handle tournament casting and gameplay spectate management by herself. After seeing her casting skill, viewers and players started admiring and inspiring her even more. One day she met Ansh YT(one of the best Nepali PUBGM caster) while streaming. They decided to cast the upcoming tournament together if possible. After a few months back, Ansh Yt approaches her for casting in PUBG Mobile Global Championship(PMGC). She went to India along with Ansh Yt for casting the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament and return back home after a month. You can watch her casting in PMGC from here.


Indu Malla’s major source of income is super chat and sponsorship from YouTube. She also earns money from tournament casting.

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In conclusion, Indu Malla had struggles in the early days. But now she is getting comfortable. She is now a source of inspiration to many young girls who wants start gaming as a career in their life. This was the biography of Indu Malla Gaming. If you like it, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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