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MafiaNinja Biography, Age, Net Worth, Income

In the exciting world of gaming, there’s a standout name MafiaNinja. Known for his gaming skills and exciting way of playing, He has become a sensation in the gaming community. This article looks into MafiaNinja’s story, talking about his gaming journey, achievements, and the unique qualities that make him stand out in the gaming world.

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Real NameUygen Tshopel Lama
Date Of Birth
Current AddressBoudha, Kathmandu

MafiaNinja YouTube Journey

MafiaNinja’s YouTube journey is a story of gaming success. Starting with competitive gameplay, he has now hit 90K+ subscribers. Beyond victories, he’s built a vibrant community on YouTube and Instagram (8K+ followers). Adding to the excitement, He occasionally live-streams his gameplay, offering an interactive experience for his fans.


MafiaNinja mainly makes money by excelling in competitive matches, earning an impressive $53,605 along the way. His primary income comes from showcasing his gaming skills in different competitive arenas. Additionally, as a content creator on YouTube with over 90K subscribers, he earns by sharing exciting gameplay videos.


We regret to inform you that we currently do not have access to MafiaNinja’s PUBG ID. However, once we obtain this information, we will promptly update his PUBG ID.

MafiaNinja Team History

Team Name Join Leave
PN Crew2020-02-07 2020-??-??
DRS GAMING2020-08-26 2022-01-29
Skylightz Gaming2021-12-122023-10-12 
Horaa Esports2023-10-12 Present
MafiaNinja Team joining and leaving history.


mafia ninja

In conclusion, MafiaNinja, also recognized as Uygen Tshopel Lama, has unequivocally established his presence in the gaming realm, standing as a guiding force for gamers in Nepal. An unwavering dedication to excellence, MafiaNinja consistently injects excitement into the gaming community. Looking ahead, Led by MafiaNinja, continues to thrive, with anticipation for even greater successes in the expansive world of gaming.

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