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Mr.Hyozu Biography- Real Name, Age, Income and Achievements

Mr.Hyozu Biography – is one of the best PUBG Mobile competitive Player from Nepal. Not only the PUBG mobile competitive player, he is one of the successful and popular gaming streamer in Nepal. Mr.Hyozu started his journey as a PUBG Mobile competitive player representing Team ElementriX(Ex) and later on he started his YouTube journey along with his competitive gameplay. This article explains Mr Hyozu biography with his gaming career, lifestyle, income and achievements. So, if you want to watch his gameplays and international achievement don’t forget to visit our YouTube Channel.

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Mr Hyozu Biography

  • Mr.Hyozu real name is Safal Hyozu.
  • Mr.Hyozu is the owner of Team ElementriX,
  • He plays from Team ElementriX and he is the In Game Leader (IGL) as well as Scout of the team,
  • He started his YouTube career as Gaming streamer from Mar 5, 2018.

Brief Information

In Game NameMr.Hyozu
Real NameSafal Hyozu
RoleIn-game Leader and Scout
Date of Birth1997-04-14
Birth PlaceButwal, Nepal
HobbiesSinging, streaming, playing guitar
Mr hyozu short information

Facts About Mr.Hyozu

  • Owner and IGL of Team ElementriX,
  • He and his team Elementrix was the only first Nepalese Team to participate in PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019,
  • One of the favourite IGL of Ocean Sharma(Caster) from Nepal.
  • He returned back to Nepal from USA for his PUBG Mobile Competitive Journey.

Early Life and Education

Mr.Hyozu was born on 14th April 1997 in Butwal Nepal, to Rabin Hyozu and Renu Hyozu. He has completed his +2 from Morgan International College.

Gaming Career

During his busy life in USA, Mr.Hyozu had a car accident. Due to this accident, he was admitted to the hospital. He started playing mobile games for spending his time in the hospital but none of them was able to give relief from his recent accident. And one day, his brother recommended him to play PUBG mobile which was just launched and popular among youngsters. He used to play PUBG mobile just for fun and releasing his pain with his friends and brothers. He started liking this game and he could spent whole day just sitting and playing this game.

International Achievements

In few years, Mr.Hyozu and his team got lot of achievements which boosted him and his team to grow in PUBG mobile Competitive journey. Some of his major achievements are:

  • PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Splits: South Asia (10th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 (7th position)
  • Gamers Without Borders 2020 -Asia (10th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League spring splits 2020 South Asia (14th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Splits 2020 South Asia Finals (10th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2020 South Asia (13th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Split 2020 South Asia League (9th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Split 2020 South Asia Finals (7th position)

National Achievements

Mr.Hyozu is very successful and popular competitive player and streamer in Nepal. Some of his best national achievements are:

  • Pubg Mobile Nepal Show Down (14th position)
  • PUBG Mobile Skylightz Showdown (4th position)

Source of Income

Mr.Hyozu major source of income is revenue generated from YouTube streaming, super chats, membership, donations, sponsorship and competitive gameplays. Mr Hyozu is popular and successful YouTuber having more than 170k subscribers on YouTube. His daily routine is streaming, playing competitive scrims and gameplays and uploading highlight video in his YouTube Channel.

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