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Nero Gaming Biography, Net Worth, Income

Nero Gaming Biography, He is a well-known player in Nepal who plays PUBG competitively and has gained popularity in the gaming community. Nero Gaming started making YouTube videos in 2016, sharing his gameplay. In 2019, he began live streaming on YouTube. With a significant following of 200K+ on YouTube, 15K+ on Instagram, and 130K+ on Facebook, Nero Gaming’s interesting journey goes beyond excelling in PUBG. He has not only mastered the gaming arena but has also created a successful YouTube channel that brings in a substantial income. Let’s explore the intriguing life and career of Nero Gaming.

Real NameRabin Limbu
Date Of Birth
Current Address
EducationBachelors In Computer
Application (BCA)
Relationship StatusSingle

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Nero Gaming YouTube Journey

Nero Gaming began his YouTube adventure by posting videos of his competitive game matches. As more people started watching, he decided to try live streaming too. This smart move not only added variety to his content but also made his YouTube channel grow a lot. Nero’s change from recorded videos to live streaming shows how flexible he is as a content creator and how much he cares about connecting with his audience in an instant and exciting way.

Nero Gaming PUBG ID

We regret to inform you that we currently do not have access to Nero Gaming’s PUBG ID. However, once we obtain this information, we will promptly update his PUBG ID.

Nero Gaming Income

Nero Gaming makes money in different ways, like getting support from viewers through super chats and sponsorships. He also has a monthly membership where people subscribe to support him regularly. Plus, Nero earns income by live streaming on Facebook, creating a variety of ways to sustain his gaming career.

Marital Status

As of now, there’s no information about Nero Gaming’s love life or relationships. We couldn’t find any details about his romantic connections. If there are any updates or new information in the future, we’ll make sure to include it in this article.

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