PMCO 2023 South Asia Finals Points: Latest Update


PMCO 2023 South Asia Finals Points, PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2023 South Asia steal the spotlight, exciting gamers worldwide. In this article, we explore team points, the full table, and standings that shape the stories of these top tournaments.

PMCO 2023 Teams Points: Full Table and Standings

01Agonxi8 Esports (Pakistan)121
02Horaa Esports (Nepal)115
03RAW Esports (Nepal)101
04LEO Esports (Nepal)79
05ADROIT51 (Nepal)79
06RAW Esports (Mongolia)73
07A1 NB Esports (Bangladesh)69
08AST Official (Nepal)69
09Finger Prints Global (Nepal)67
10Undergang Slayers (Nepal)61
11DRS Gaming (Nepal)55
12Vikings X SS Esports (Bangladesh)54
13GEUD Gaming (Mongolia)53
14Devil x Dragon (Nepal)39
15Pride of Chattogram (Mongolia)30
16ISSL Noob Alliance (Sri Lanka)20
PMCO 2023 South Asia Finals Points

In a thrilling culmination of the PMCO 2023 South Asia, Agonxi8 Esports clinched the coveted 1st position, securing a pivotal victory for Pakistan in the esports arena. Following closely, Horaa Esports from Nepal claimed the 2nd position, showcasing commendable teamwork and resilience. The 3rd position was secured by RAW Esports, also hailing from Nepal, with their tactical gameplay and strategic decision-making. These podium finishes not only underscore the diverse talent in South Asian esports but also mark a significant chapter in the competitive gaming landscape.

Live Stream Replay

The PMCO South Asia Finals have been live-streamed on various platforms, including YouTube and Facebook Gaming. The streams are from PUBG Mobile Esports and PUBG Mobile Esports South Asia. Streamers like Mr Hyozu, Cr7 Horaa, and Mafia Ninja also hosted watch parties.


This victory not only showcases their skills but also boosts the status of esports in the region, Leaving a lasting impression on the gaming world.


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