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PMCO Spring split 2021 Nepal Group stage-Overall standings

PMCO Nepal 2021 Spring Splits is the official tournament from PUBG Mobile. The group stages of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Nepal 2021 Spring Split ended with Carnage Esports leading the overall standings. The top 10 teams from the overall standing have been qualified for the grand finals, where they will compete against six invited teams.

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The group stage of this tournament was started on 16th February and ended on 21st February. The Top 32 teams qualified from the qualifier round were competing in this tournament, where they were divided into four groups. Each team played twelve matches throughout this tournament.

PMCO Nepal Group Stage Overall Standings

Overall Kill Leader Board

pmco nepal spring splits 2021 group stage overall kill leaderboard
pmco nepal spring splits 2021 group stage overall kill leaderboard

Qualified teams for finals

  1.  Carnage Esports 
  2. VIBES Esports 
  3. Ekta Esports 
  4. Team Cops 
  6. HARAME 
  7. Hype 
  9. H2O Esports 
  10.  Trust D Process

Invited teams for finals

  • ElementriX
  • JyanaMara
  • PN
  • High Voltage
  • PWP
  • RAW

Prize Pool

The winner of the Finals will take 39,00 USD, while the first runner will take 2300 USD, and the second runner-up will be awarded 1900 USD. The total prize-pool of PMCO Nepal 2021 is 29,200 USD.

PMCO Nepal Grand Finals

The grand finals of this tournament is scheduled from 24th February to 28th February. Top 3 teams from the grand finals will be qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro League(PMPL) Season 3 South Asia, where top teams from Nepal, Pakistan, and South Asia will battle against each other.

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