PMPL South Asia Championship Finals – Format, Teams, Schedule

The PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2021 championship is about to begin. Top 16 teams from different countries of South Asia region will play in this tournament. These countries are Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Taiwan. There are 7 teams from Nepal and the remaining 9 teams will be from other countries. Similarly, Skylightz gaming, the winner of PMPL South Asia Season 2, has received a direct invitation to this tournament.

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PMPL South Asia ChampionShip Finals Teams

Teams from PMPL South Asia Season 3 Finals

The top 9 teams from PMPL South Asia Season 3 finals are:

  • DRS GAMING (Nepal)
  • ZEUS ESPORTS (Mongolia)
  • 7Sea Esports (Nepal)
  • Deadeyes Guys (Nepal)
  • Trained to Kill (Nepal)
  • A1 Esports 1952 ( Bangladesh)
  • HIGH VOLTAGE (Nepal)
  • STALWARTxFLEX ( Pakistan)
  • PN Crew ( Nepal)

PMCO 2021 Spring: HMT

The Top 4 teams from PMCO 2021 Spring: Hongkong Macau Taiwan are:

  • LIT Esports (Taiwan)
  • INV Esports (Taiwan)
  • NM (Taiwan)
  • SDGaming (Hong Kong)

Teams from PMCO 2021 Spring: Asia Wildcard

The Top 2 teams from PMCO 2021 Spring: Asia Wildcard are:

  • Astra Academy (Mongolia)
  • APES INC (Mongolia)


The PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Championship is going to start from 10th June and will ended in 13th June 2021. This tournament will last for a total of four days.

PMPL South Asia ChampionShip Format & Prizepool

There has been no official announcement about this topic yet. We will update this article immediately after the official announcement. Moreover, Various media outlets are making their own misleading news about this but don’t believe those news. All we know now is that this tournament will be broadcast live from the official youtube channel PUBG Mobile Esports.

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