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PUBG Mobile National Championship Nepal – Overview, Registration Process

After a long wait, PUBG Mobile National Championship Nepal, the official tournament going to be held in Nepal. This is the first time that PUBG mobile has brought a dedicated tournament for Nepal. In this tournament, the underdog’s teams will also get a chance to participate through registration.

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PUBG Mobile National Championship Nepal is the first-ever tournament dedicated to our country by the Officials. In this tournament, the best PUBG Mobile Players and teams from Nepal will be competing for the PMPL’s Slot and Prizepool. Therefore, This is a golden opportunity for you if you want to showcase your skills and gameplay. If you would like to participate, you can register with your team. Further, here is a detailed explanation of the registration process.

PUBG Mobile National Championship Nepal Registration

The registration for PMNCN starts on 17th May. But the end date of registration is not known yet. We will provide you all the information about this tournament, so follow our website.

Registration Requirements

  • The team roster is finalized at the time of registration submission,
  • Players must be at least 16 years old and they must be Nepali citizens,
  • The team roster must have at least 4 members and
  • Smartphones only (No Ipads and Emulators).


The total prize pool of this tournament is $30,000. In addition, the best team in this tournament will get a direct slot for PMPL.


What is minimum and maximum player required for registration ?

At least 4 player and maximum 6 players are needed during registration.

Can we play with iPads and Emulators?

No you can’t play with iPads and Emulators. Only smartphones are allowed.

How to register this tournament?

You can register this tournament starting from 17th May 2021.

Can I change my roster after registration submission?

No, you can not change your roster after you submitted your registration.

How to join tournament room ?

Teams who are qualified for the tournament can join the tournament room by clicking the matches menu. Players have 10 minutes to join the room.

In conclusion, this tournament makes huge boost to setup gaming career for players in Nepal. Similarly, external sponsorships and investments can be increased due to the officials tournaments in the country.Therefore, lets support our favourite teams and enjoy the tournament.

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