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Top 5 Best PUBG Streamers in Nepal 2021

PUBG Mobile and the Nepali gaming community have been synonym since PUBG came in limelight across the world. The most celebrated game “PUBG” is now the backbone of the Nepalese gaming community. The popularity of this game has been a blessing in disguise for many youths, who have now make a full-time job and career. Showing their skills, highlights of their unbelievable clutches, and daily live streaming on YouTube gave many people a chance to fine-tune their talents. A battle royale game where we can battle against any player all over the game in hopes of getting chicken dinner is a source of entertainment too. Here are the top 5 best PUBG streamers in Nepal based on their video views, channel subscriptions, fan base, and PUBG competition records.

Best PUBG streamers in Nepal

#1 4k Gaming Nepal

Pawan Jung Shahi, popularly known as 4k Gaming Nepal, “Putin don” is a popular Nepalese gaming streamer. His funny and humorous character is loved by the audience. His funny pickup lines are “Dollar khanxa euro khanxa, putin don le dhostai hanxa”, makadox, ululululu e.t.c. He is also the first Nepalese streamer to get a silver play button and super chat. 4k Gaming Nepal has started his YouTube career with the Math Nepal YouTube channel. He is a full-time PUBG streamer who streams more than 12 hours a day. He is the most popular and successful YouTuber having more than 850k subscribers.

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#2 Mr.Hyozu

Talking about the Nepali PUBG streamers, and not mentioning Hyozu is a huge mistake. Safal Hyozu AKA Mr.Hyozu is a veteran PUBG Mobile competitive player and one of the successful and popular gaming streamers in Nepal streamer. His name comes alongside the introduction of PUBG Mobile competitive in Nepal. He also the owner of Team Elementrix. Hyozu regularly streams PUBG Mobile scrims and classic matches alongside some other games like GTA 5, Minecraft, etc. . He also posts scrims and funny video highlights. Currently, he has more than 170k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He started his gaming career after he got an accident in the USA but it has been blessings in disguise for him. He is one of the people who got to believe his audience on having future playing games in an early struggling phase of the Nepali Gaming Community.

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#3 Sk49

Sugen Shrestha, popularly known as Sk49 is a PUBG Mobile competitive player and streamer. The 19-year-old player is one of the best players in Nepal. He mostly plays PUBG Mobile in his stream and sometimes other games like GTA 5. His streams mainly focus on fun and gameplays. He is famous for his dialog Chill, Hackericch. SK49 currently has more than 175 thousand subscribers on YouTube. He has also won PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Champion playing competitively.

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#4 Mr.Junior

Sandesh Jung Rana popularly known as Mr. Junior is a popular gaming streamer who streams games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, GTA 5, etc. Junior gained more subscribers in a short span of time because of his funny and crazy character. He makes vlogs and is also a professional dancer and choreographer. He also uploads his funny and cringes moment highlights on his YouTube channel. Currently, he has more than 310k subscribers on his YouTube channel named, and also he calls his YouTube family as ” Rago Gang”.

#5 Nero

Nero Subba popularly known as Nero is a PUBG Mobile Competitive Player and gaming streamer who mostly plays PUBG Mobile. Currently, he has more than 200k subscribers channel named Nero. He is a full-time streamer and professional PUBG Mobile competitive player from SBA.

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